Happy Monday! It's my favorite day of the week, I get to sit down and organize all of the drunken ideas written on paper napkins #keepitbasic
I see Blanka VS Dhalsim had some interest, so I've decided to print off 5 of them for sale. DM or email to reserve your copy. Print size 36x24 on matte
I got my start doing vehicle wraps, so I enjoy working with the guys at @monsterenergy each year. This 2015 livery belongs to #lennardwander. He was looking for something stealth, so this is what we came up with!
Few posters left on my website, in the meantime.. Should I print a few of these? Dahlsim VS Blanka #streetfighter
One more teaser for #gumball3000
My #mcm goes to this KTM Duke cafe that I built last year. I reluctantly sold it to start a new project, but I've wanted it back every since. Such a pain in the ass but I'd love to ride it again.. Maybe the past is best left behind? I did a small article on my website if you want to see more:
Keep your eyes peeled New Orleans, I'll be exploring your city all week. I'd like to leave my mark, if there are any studios or artist in the area who'd like to collaborate, let's set something up! Email me
I had a ton of fun with the McQueen drawing, they turned out great and a few prints are left on
Another sneak peak for #gumball3000 #teamgalag #bazzy Someone wanna give it a guess what this is part of? I'm having fun playing with this theme we chose! Check back on my website for a lot more reveals soon
Another clip from the #teamgalag #gumball3000 collection. I'll be featuring some mores details of this work on my website soon, check it out @
Finally! Website is done, hopefully it's all working correctly. I'll be adding a lot of content to it in the coming weeks, for now I'm just happy to have a place to sell my artwork online. Link is in my bio, I appreciate all of the support you've given so far, it's a truly wonderful feeling to know y'all enjoy my stuff
A little steampunk preview for the epic @teamgalag and this years #gumball3000 loads of work to do still!